White Horse Theatre (Interview)

08.Dezember 2015
Eric Steinbring

BildOn Tuesday, 24th of November, the White Horse Theatre visited OBS Papenteich and presented their play Maid Marian to pupils of grade 5 and 6.

After the show pupils had the opportunity to practice their English by asking some questions to the cast. Lots of kids participated and asked interesting questions.




This is the interview:


Q: What are your real names?

A: Sean Croft played the Sheriff of Nottingham, Kathi Hofmann played Maid Marian, James Bunyon played Robin Hood and all the other parts were played by Leanne Clark.


Q: How old are you?

A: Leanne and Kathi are 25, James is 26 and Sean is already 32.


Q: Where are you from?

A: We are from Kent, in England


Q: Which languages do you speak?

A: We all speak English, of course, Kathi and Sean speak some French and German and Kathi also Hungarian.


Q: Which cities in Germany have you already visited?

A: We’ve all been to Hannover and Cologne, Kathi has also been to Munich, and Sean has already visited many cities in Germany, like Münster or Leipzig.


Q: Which countries would you like to visit?

A: Australia, New Zealand, Argentina and America, most of all New York.


Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Sean’s hobby is going to the cinema.


Q: What are your dream jobs?

A: We all love acting and want to be actors. Leanne dreams about being in a real blockbuster while Sean and James prefer to be on stage. Kathi would love to own her own theatre company some day.


Q: How long did it take you to prepare the play as it is now?

A: We had 4 weeks for rehearsing 3 different plays, so we spent about 6 days on preparing Maid Marian.


Q: What is your favourite food? What is your favourite drink?

A: Leanne loves pizza and hot chocolate, Kathi prefers pancakes and tea, James likes lasagne and coke and Sean’s favourite food is schnitzel.


Q: What is your favourite colour?

A: Sean’s favourite colour is green, while Kathi likes dark red, Leanne blue and James yellow.


Q: Are you friends?

A: Yes, we are friends. We even live together.


Q: What are your favourite animals?

A: Kathi likes cats and Leanne likes rhinos. James likes dogs and Sean too, but he likes husky dogs best. At home they have some pets: 3 dogs, a cat and 6 chicken.


Q: What is your favourite computer game?

A: James’ favourite game is FIFA. Sean plays Candy Crush all the time. Leanne used to play Pokemon and when Kathi was a child, she had a game boy and loves playing Tetris.


Q: Are you football fans?

A: Rob is a football fan. He supports Newcastle and Dortmund. But he doesn’t like American football.


Q: What is your favourite music?

A: Sean listens to Michael Jackson’s music. Leanne’s favourite song at the moment is “I follow” by Triggerfinger.


After the play some pupils of the z-course in year 6 interviewed the audience about how they liked the play. And they all liked it a lot.

“It was good”, said Angelina (6c). Most girls, like Tamara (6b) and Maja (6b) thought that Maid Marian was the best character in the play, while Luca R. (6d) liked Robin Hood best.

And what was the funniest moment? “When the Sheriff screamed ‘Ouch ouch ohh’!”, laughed Angelina.



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